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Read the commissioning of the Fireplace appcontrol this manual carefully and completely. Save it for later (e) use (there).


The Fireplace appcontrol modules make it possible to send through your smartphone and / or tablet. Selected by the manufacturer, gas fires The functionality of the app is the On / Off and Raise / lower the gas fireplace. Depending on your fireplace and manufacturer, it is also possible to switch on or off. Double burner The app can be completely separate from the original remote control used.

Installation and commissioning:

Caution! The installation should only be done by a qualified electrician. The Fireplace appcontrol consists of two modules. Network module must be connected through the included network cable to a secure Wi-Fi network. Fireplace module must be connected by means of a closed plug on the free PANEL connector on the Mertik Maxitrol GV60 module which is provided in the Gas Fireplace. Both modules must be supplied with power by the included power adapter.

Download the app in the App Store. Before installation in previously always download the app or a later update is available. Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as secure which the network module is connected. If you have the Network module, start the app and connect you press the + button on the top right to add a new one. Fireplace Then the app in the search after which indicates how many Fireplace modules are found. There can be up to 10 Fireplace modules coupled with one Network Module. When found in the app Fireplace module it must be confirmed by pressing. The green button After this you have to edit the ability to adapt. The name of the desired Fireplace Pressing the associated Fireplace you to the page that you can control. Fireplace Before you can operate the Fireplace, you must first unlock the child lock. You can then the Fireplace 10 seconds operate through on / off up / down single / double burner buttons.


• Only feed supplied adapter 5volt DC 1000mA.

• to use in your personal secure Wi-Fi network. Only

• Use in combination with gas fireplaces prescribed by the manufacturer. Only

• The application should only be used if you are in the sight of the fire.

• The modules must not be mounted in the immediate reach an open flame or temperatures above 55 degrees Celsius.

• The mounting location of the Fireplace module must be adequately ventilated so that the maximum temperature is not exceeded.

• If there is not enough space for the Fireplace module safely, with adequate ventilation to mount you can ask your dealer for an optional extension.

• Maximum distance between Network and Fireplace 15 meters.

• Fireplaces with a single burner compatible with Mertik Maxitrol GV60 module from 2005

• Fireplaces with double burner compatible with Mertik Maxitrol GV60 module from 11/2012



Troubleshooting and control check:

The Network module are three status LEDs.

LED red = power

LED green = network connected

= Yellow LED flashes when operating app

The Fireplace module are three status LEDs.

LED red = power

LED green = connected to the Network module

LED yellow = module within reach of Network Module

• Use ON / OFF switch if prolonged period use.

• When not function back to factory setting with a narrow, not sharp object to press the RESET button


• Supply voltage: 5V DC 1000mA

• Radio frequency: 2.405 GHz – 2.480 GHz

• Transmission range :: representative 15m (open field)

• Temperature range: 5C to +55 C

• Relative humidity: max 80% (without condensation)

• Protection: IP 20

• technical changes.

Wireless transmission

The radio transmission is via a non-exclusive frequencies, so interference can not be excluded. The transmission range of a wireless transmission depends on the reception characteristics of the recipients, the humidity, fitting height and building conditions of the object. Some examples of the signal strength, depending on the type of material.


• Dry material Penetration

• wood, plaster, plasterboard approx 90%

• brick, chipboard approx 70%

• reinforced concrete approximately 30%

• metal, aluminum laminate approximately 10%

In bad or no range is recommended that the Network / Fire Pace modules closer to propose through a long network cable / connection. Together on the

When used correctly, this unit fulfills the requirements of the CE and RoHS directives. A full declaration of conformity can be obtained from your dealer.


Should the Fireplace appcontrol no longer function, first check whether the smartphone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as the Network module. Then you can check the correct status LEDs are lit on both modules. For more information about warranty, please supply your supplier.


The manufacturer accepts no liability for accidents, direct loss and / or consequential damages (partly) caused by the use of the Fireplace appcontrol. All claims in such cases be annulled.

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